Check out our newly commissioned theme tune, True North!

They’re playing our tune – literally! We’re so excited to share this fantastic new tune, True North, written by our good friend Mark Kilianski and performed by the Adeline old-time band/collective, a bunch of outstanding musicians that many of you will be familiar with (Mark of Golden Shoals, Chris Coole & John Showman of the Lonesome Ace Stringband, Adrian Gross of The Slocan Ramblers and Sam Allison of Sheesham, Lotus and Son). Their fabulous new album Adeline was released just a few weeks ago and is highly recommended. Please note that “our” tune ISN’T on the album, it was specially written for us after we commissioned it as part of their album fundraiser a few months ago! We LOVE it and we’ll be using it to soundtrack a short video showreel about True North Music’s events and music work. That’s coming up soon, meanwhile we’re tickled to share the original video of the lads playing our tune!